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Break the “Job Rut”

“Personal happiness at work”

The internal “job rut” dialogue 

Negativity at the individual level is the hardest to treat. Not everyone shares their discontent; you might just see someone who is more somber or quiet than they used to be. 

How it affects the business 

A quietly unhappy, disengaged employee is a huge challenge. Because they don’t share their feelings, they can go through the motions for long periods of time by doing the minimum and contributing very little to your organization. 

How Trevor helps 

Trevor helps people get out of their own heads and get engaged with their work. His work-shops provide an environment that’s fun and facilitates connection. When people develop stronger relationships in the workplace, they become more passionate. That passion is immedi-ately transferable. Trevor provides people with the tools to live and work to their highest po-tential so they can achieve a sense of purpose.