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Employee Presentations

Improvisation for Developing Emotional Intelligence: A Workshop for Leaders

The rules for the workplace are changing: We are being judged by not just how smart we are but also by how we handle ourselves—and each other. Emotional Intelligence Guru Daniel Goleman says, ”The more adroit we are socially, the better we control the signals we send.” Our ability in learning to discover our strengths in relationships as well as the skills we need to develop increases our ability to recognize our impact on others and energize positive outcomes. This is important for leaders and managers in helping people learn, grow, and change. The workshop will use experiential exercises (and their practical applications) to engage participants in developing the relationship skills associated with emotional intelligence. 

Make it Up: The Art of Improvisation in the Workplace

Think fast. In a pitch, a client meeting, or a brainstorming session, your flexibility can make the difference between rousing success and a less-than-stellar experience. In this highly interactive, practical workshop, you’ll explore the secrets of improvisation… and how they apply to the world of business. 

Laughter: The New Bottom Line in the Workplace

In this workshop, through interactive, action-oriented exercises, participants will learn how laughter can be used as an effective tool for defusing stress, solving problems, and building strong team collaborations. Participants walk away knowing four quick, easy ways to use the power of laughter and play to re-energize teamwork and employee engagement. 

Laugh for the Health of It

(60-90 minutes)

Laugh the stress away by engaging in fun, theatrical exercises that will inspire participants to think on their feet. Participants will reap the many benefits of laughter without using comedy and will learn the six principles to good-hearted living in a supportive environment.