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One-to-One Communication

“Open up to connecting”

How employees affect each other 

Negative employees can bring down everyone around them. When people don’t feel sup-ported by the organization, they complain to anybody who will listen. This compounds the negativity and can lead to a culture that thrives on gossip and rumors. 

How it affects the business 

When employees feel that their ideas and needs have no value, they seek others who feel the same way. This creates pods of negativity that quietly crush innovation and productivity. 

How Trevor helps 

Trevor introduces an improvisational learning method that allows employees to communi-cate with one another creatively and spontaneously. They will develop the ability to estab-lish dialogue that is both positive and solution-focused. The results are deeper and more pro-ductive relationships between employees, opening the door to more creative, innovative re-lationships.